Dallas County Community College



The seven independently accredited colleges of Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) include Brookhaven, Cedar Valley, Eastfield, El Centro, Mountain View, North Lake and Richland.  DCCCD is one of the largest community college systems in the state.  Since 1965, we have served more than 2 million students.

The colleges of DCCCD equip students for successful living and responsible citizenship.  In addition, we provide economic benefits to business, taxpayers and the community.

To equip students for successful living and responsible citizenship in a rapidly changing local, national and world community.

Overall Purpose: To ensure Dallas County is vibrant, growing and economically stable for future generations.

HISTORY OF DCCCD: http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/WhoWeAre/History/Pages/default.aspx


Brookhaven College:  http://www.brookhavencollege.edu/Pages/default.aspx

Cedar Valley College:  http://www.cedarvalleycollege.edu/default.aspx

Eastfield College:  http://www.eastfieldcollege.edu/

El Centro College:  http://www.elcentrocollege.edu/

Mountain View College:  http://www.mountainviewcollege.edu/Pages/default.aspx

North Lake College:  http://www.northlakecollege.edu/Pages/default.aspx

Richland College:  http://richlandcollege.edu/


Classes and Degrees:  http://www.dcccd.edu/CD/Pages/default.aspx?source=megabar

Dallas Colleges Online:  http://online.dcccd.edu/

Calendar:  https://www1.dcccd.edu/catalog/ss/cal1415.cfm

Student Services:  http://www.dcccd.edu/SS/Pages/SS.aspx?source=megabar

Student Life:  http://www.dcccd.edu/SS/StudentLife/Pages/default.aspx