Pilot Point Independent School District 

Home of the Bearcats


Vision Statement
Pilot Point Independent School District Shall inspire and empower our students, staff and community to achieve their full potential to succeed in their future endeavors.


  1. Empower all students to achieve at their academic and creative potential.
  2. Maintain a personnel program to attract, develop, compensate, evaluate and retain District employees.
  3. Effectively communicate with students, staff, parents and the community.
  4. Leverage technology to empower the students and staff.
  5. Obtain the best education within the District's resources while maintaining adequate reserves.
  6. Determine a plan based on funding that creates safe, pleasant and cost effective District facilities.


Pilot Point Elementary School  http://ppes.pilotpointisd.com/index.cfm 
829 South Jefferson Street
Pilot Point TX 76258

Pilot Point Intermediate School  http://ppis.pilotpointisd.com/index.cfm 
501 East Carroll
Pilot Point TX 76258

Pilot Point Middle School  http://ppms.pilotpointisd.com/ 
828 South Harrison
Pilot Point TX 76258

Pilot Point High School  http://pphs.pilotpointisd.com/ 
1300 N Washington Street
Pilot Point TX 76258

Calendar:  http://www.pilotpointisd.com/Uploads/36/misc/2015-2016Calendar.pdf 

Parents and Students:  http://www.pilotpointisd.com/MP.cfm?P=6622& 

Athletics:  https://pilotpointsports.rankonesport.com/AthleticPortal/Main/Default.aspx